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WiseTrader Toolbox v1.0.1.2 Beta Released!

Written by Administrator
  • Improved back propagation training to give better results.
  • Added new adaptive training algorithm with very fast convergence selectable via a function call.
  • Fixed bug in accuracy calculation in tutorial AFL 1a.


Neural network files created with the previous version of the toolbox, version and earlier, need to be deleted as they are no longer compatible. Just delete the folder WiseTraderToolbox from C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\


WiseTrader Toolbox v1.0.1.0 Beta Released!

Written by Administrator

A new beta version of the WiseTrader Toolbox is available for testing.

It brings full support for neural networks to the Amibroker platform. It contains the more traditional neural networks and the more advanced Walk-Forward version. There have also been some bug fixes and improvements.

This is a beta so there may be bugs. To upgrade please uninstall the previous version of the plugin.

WiseTrader Toolbox v1.0.0.4 Released!

Written by Administrator
  • Added new cycle based adaptor for the adaptive indicators with promising results.
  • Improved some indicators based of Ehler's work.
  • Added System rotation functions with documentation.

Everyone is advised to upgrade to the new version. (Uninstall previous version before installing the new one)


WiseTrader Toolbox v1.0.0.2 Released!

Written by Administrator

This new release brings some new improvements.

  • Compatability with older versions of Amibroker
  • Buy/Sell Signals, Exploration and Optimization for MAMA, Adaptive/Smooth RSI and Cyber Cycle

WiseTrader Toolbox v1.0.0.1 Released!

Written by Administrator

We are proud to announce the first release of the WiseTrader Toolbox, it has taken a lot of work but it is finally here.

It can be purchased by going to the 'How to Buy' page.


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