WiseTrader Toolbox

Privacy Policy

30 May 2010 PDFPrint

    We may store information about an WiseTrader Toolbox user under the following conditions:

  • During contact with us:

    The information stored is whatever we receive from and send to the user. This is done mainly to aid trouble-shooting by, for example, allowing us to quickly see what problem solutions we have already suggested.

  • When purchasing our Plugin:

    The information stored is the information provided during ordering, as well as the registration code that is issued and any payment tracking information.

    This information may be stored for the purposes of verifying that plugin registrations are not used on more than the allowed number of systems, and to ensure that licenses are being granted when they should be.

  • Email Address Usage:

    We will never send regular unsolicited emails (eg: newsletters) unless specifically requested.

  • Personal Information Usage:

    We will use this information only to generate licenses and offer technical support. It will never be shared or disclosed

  • Policies Regarding Third Parties:

    Information provided to our staff will not be sold, rented or traded to any third party under any conditions.

  • Privacy Policy Changes:

    Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted here. If you have any further questions about our privacy practices (or anything else) please feel free to contact us.

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